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2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike

Main view of The Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike
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Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike view 2
Item is discontinued and is no longer available
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Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike

The Salsa Beargrease is the Mukluk's lighter faster sibling. Salsa takes the epic ride proven geometry of the Mukluk and puts it on a diet. The Beargrease looses the rack mounts and trades in the steel Enabler fork for an aluminum fork and over 2 pounds of weight savings. 

Medium sized Beargrease completes come in around 28 pounds out of the box and ready to race! The complete bike spec is also race ready with the following features:
  • Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes
  • SRAM X.7/X.0 drivetrain
  • Salsa Pro Moto Cockpit
  • WTB Pure V Saddle
  • 45Nrth Husker DU Light 120tpi tires
  • Surly Holy Rolling Darryl Rims

The Beargrease is made from Salsa's Xtrolite tubeset which is the same material used on other Salsa's such as the Mamasita and Spearfish. To keep the Beargrease looking good and to keep weight down Salsa uses a black anodized finish.

Tire Clearance
One of the most asked questions is what size tire can I run?

Fork: Salsa designed the ultra light aluminum for to be able to accommodate all of the 4.0" tires on 82mm rims (stock width on the complete) and the Surly Big Fat Larry on rims up to 100mm wide (Surly Clownshoe). Will not work with the Surly Bud or Knard tires.

Frame: The rear wheel can be a little trickier because unlike the fork spacing you have drivetrain as a variable. With most cranks you will be able to run 4.0" tires on 82mm rims (stock width on the complete) with little to no chain rub. 100mm rims with either 4.0" tire or Big Fat Larry's is going to result in the loss of gearing, but will work and I am sure there will be tons of posts all around the internet showing that it can be done. Surly Lou or Knard tires will however not clear the frame. If you need that kind of rubber maybe you need to look at a Moonlander or Krampus. 

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Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike

asked by: A Visitor
how do I remove bearings form the surly rolling Darryl fat tires with salsa tool?
answered by: t.young
I'd go to a local shop for help with overhauling a hub.
asked by:
do you have stock on a small and if not do you have a time line on when you will?
answered by: mlewis
For stock questions please call us directly at 734.484.9999 or email through our contact page.
asked by: A Visitor
do you have stock on Smal and if not time line?
answered by: mlewis
For stock questions please call us directly at 734.484.9999 or email through our contact page.
asked by: A Visitor
I'm 6'5" and weight 230lbs do you think the XL Salsa Beargrease work for me?
answered by: canteau
@6.5' the XL would be your best bet
asked by: A Visitor
At 5'7" with a 30" inseam can I ride a small frame Beargrease?...or step up me
answered by: canteau
You are on the boarder between a medium and small so it would really depend on how you are proportioned.
asked by: bigringbill
Are you taking deposits on the Breagrease? Looking for a medium.
answered by: canteau
You can place an order for one and will not be charged until the bike is shippable.
asked by: A Visitor
At 5'10" with a 34" inseam will i be able to ride a medium frame?
answered by: canteau
You could go medium or large.
asked by: A Visitor
Is the Salsa Beargrease Bike still available? Peter (from Germany)
answered by: canteau
We are expecting a shipment soon, they may only be shipped to the US and Canada. The box is too big for APO's
asked by: patriziobicego
ciao, can you send in italy too???
answered by: mwirth
At this time we are not able to ship internationally. Thanks!
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Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike

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Review of the Salsa 2013 Beargrease Complete Fat Bike:
I've had a few rides on the Beargrease now and have succumb to the Fat Bike fever. I've been riding my 29er FSR the first few weeks of winter and a buddy picked up a Mukluk 2 from Free Fort Bikes in early January. After struggling to stay in the saddle on a ride where the snowpack had begun to thaw a bit, I took his Muk for a ride and easily motored through everything that gave my 29er trouble. I was sold. Now to choose a bike.

I had read about the Beargrease and the thought of a lightweight Fat Tire intrigued me. Most of the fat bikes on the market were pushing 40 pounds and, as a Clyde, pumping a heavy bike through my favorite track didn't sound like fun. At 28.5 pounds fully dressed, the Beargrease was as light as a stock build fat bike could get.

I found out I was lucky to find one coming to Tree Fort Bikes as Cherri let me know they were expecting a shipment in the next couple days. As I checked around, every shop within 150 miles had no size Large in stock and didn't expect to see any for months.

Craig took the order and Casey did a good job building it up as soon as the box hit Tree Fort's door. The stock component kit is reasonable and I'm reticent to change much except perhaps to take some more weight off here and there.

How does it ride? Terrific! It took a bit of experimentation to get the air pressure sorted out for snow, slush and mud and to reduce the pogo-stick bounce typical for fat tires and the light Husker Du tires have proved to take a little more air pressure than I expected. Perhaps that is due to the more supple sidewall of the 120tpi HDs.

A soft sand pit in my favorite track would challenge my 29er as it sucked in and tried to wash out the tires. I would have to keep my weight balanced and pedal hard to push through the section. On the Beargrease, I just coast through the section without thinking... it's amazing.

The wider handle bars took some getting used to and I have to be more careful with narrow tree gaps but I am grateful for the extra leverage when those wide tires take a serious grip on technical sections of frozen dirt.

And light weight? My buddy swears the Beargrease is 10 pounds lighter than his Muk2 even though we both know the difference is closer to 6. It's really noticeable when you do a side by side comparison. The Beargrease feels like the tires must be filled with helium.

I hadn't really though about racing the Beargrease but the weight advantage makes me want to test it competitively.

Let it SNOW!

Summed up: Light weight - filled with helium?
Supreme grip - Husker Du tires are glued to trail.
Now my daughter wants one.

Yes, I would recomend this to a friend.

Likes: Light Weight

Works For: Winter Riding

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