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2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot

Main view of The 45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot
45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot view 4
45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot view 4
45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot view 4
45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot view 4
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45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot

45NRTH updated the 2017 Wolvhammer Winter cycling boot  to include a new larger fit, that is closer to that of the Wolfgar than the previous model and a new outsole that is better on ice thanks to its Hypergrip design.

 The outsole for the Wolvhammer has been re-designed for 2017 and is something that you may over look when shopping for a cycling shoe because you aren't going to walking in them right? Well you shouldn't. 45NRTH incorporates their Hypergrip sole on the Wolvhammer, the same outsole construction that is used on the 45NRTH Japanther, but with deeper lugs for better snow traction along with improved stability on ice, because if you are riding in wet weather that is below freezing, ice is going to be an issue. Nothing is more embarrassing than falling at a red light or trail head due to an icy surface. Hypergrip soles combine a sticky rubber sole with siping and Hypergrip blocks that feature microglass for second to none traction on ice. If you need additional traction toe spikes can be used for additional traction on loose surfaces.

The 45NRTH Wolvhammer winter cycling boots are designed to work with most clipless pedals that use a 2-bolt cleat such as Crank Brothers, Time and Shimano. For some pedals you may need to use cleat shims for proper cleat engagement. When installing the cleats make sure to add a little grease to the threads to prevent rust. The 2017 Wolvhammer does not include an insert to be used with flat pedals.

Wolvhammer continues to use the Aerogel insoles to insulate the foot from the metal cleat which can create a cold spot on even the most insulated of shoes. Aerogel is compression resistant insulation that continues to insulate even under the hardest of pedal strokes. Should you need custom support additional insoles should fit over the Aerogel insoles.

If your winter riding adventures take you into areas of deep snow that require hike-a-bike to get through the really deep stuff, the Wolvhammer has toe hooks that can be paired with the 45NRTH Bergraven Gaiters for knee high protection and additional insulation around the calf and knees.

The question we receive most often is should I buy the size I typically wear or go up a size? Some of that is going to depend on the thickness of the socks you wear or if you fall between whole sizes. 45NRTH does have an online fit guide to help make selecting the proper size a little easier, so grab your favorite socks and click the following link here. Even though the 2016 and 2017 Wolvhammer boots look visually similar they are completely different when it comes to size. The 2017 Wolvhammer boot is wider and slightly longer that the out going model, with a fit that is closer to the Wolfgar.
  • Full lace up draw cord closure
  • Works with 2-bolt cleats 
  • Adjustable ankle wrap 
  • Hypergrip sole
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45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot

asked by: A Visitor
Is wind chill a factor with these boots?
answered by: canteau
Generally speaking wind chill only effects exposed skin or areas of the body not covered by a wind blocking material such as tights without Windblocker or a wind proof outer shell. If you can eliminate the wind from taking body heat from your insulating layer, it doesn't become as much of a factor like the actual ambient temperature does.

The leather/Condura upper does a pretty good job itself in blocking the wind, but is aided by a wind and waterproof membrane for additional protection.
asked by: A Visitor
What is the temp range for this boot that it is good for?
answered by: canteau
45NRTH rates the Wolvhammer cycling boot temperature range as 0-25 degrees Fahrenheit.
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45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot

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Review of the 45NRTH 2017 Wolvhammer Winter Cycling Boot:
Fantastic winter riding boot. Great fit. Works with my SPD cleat really well. Also works well on a large, studded flat pedal. Very warm. If it's going to be like 10 degrees and snowing I throw some toe warmers in too just to be safe.

Yes, I would recomend this to a friend.

Likes: Warm, Rugged, Easy to use w/cleat

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