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Stans No Tubes
No Tubes 16oz Sealant

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Stans No Tubes No Tubes 16oz Sealant

Stan's Tire Sealant stops slow leaks and punctures up to 1/4 inch if used properly. Stan's consists of a special blended Latex Emulsion suspended in Ammonia. The mixture has spongy burrs that are there waiting to wedge themselves into any larger puncture that catches you off guard on the trail. There is always some amazement from onlookers when you hit something and a puff of white smoke comes out of your tire for a few rotations then that's it... voila, usually you just keep on riding. 

This is a refill for the kit that converts standard (non tubeless) tires to tubeless and also works with any tubeless tire or tubular tires. The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures. It will not throw the tire out of balance like other sealants are known to do. 

1 pint (16oz) bottle will seal 8 bicycle tires. 

Straight from Stan: 

Stan's Tubeless System offers two sealing points on the tire versus other tubeless systems which use only the bead lock as their sealing point. First the bead lock is sealed, as well as the lower portion of the tire and rim to create a second inner seal. This unique design allows you to break the bead lock seal without losing air pressure. Secondly, the inner seal flexes inwards with the tire to maintain air pressure. 

The patented Rim Strip makes installation simple. It can be removed as easily as a tube and can be used over and over again. Time involved can be less than 10 minutes per wheel. With this system you can lose rotating weight in an area that previously was not possible. 

Your lightweight wheel set can be converted to a tubeless set up with only 56 grams of added weight per wheel. Saving hundreds of dollars over purchasing new wheels. 

No need to worry about the dreaded pinch flat. 

Possibly never having another puncture flat again because of the self-sealing qualities of Stan's Tire and Rim Sealant. 

You will be able to keep using your lightweight tires and not be limited to buying expensive and much heavier tubeless specific tires. 

The New Molded Rim Strip features a new Presta valve stem with a removable core allowing you to add sealant without removing the tire. This removable valve core will make inflating easier by increasing the air flow into the tire. Removing the valve core also allows for cleaning or easy replacement. 

Stan's Tire & Rim Sealant can also be used to seal punctures and slow leaks that occur in most tubeless tires. As a result, your tubeless tires will hold air for longer periods of time. 

Other Information 

If you are interested in rotating weight (and who's not!!) you can lose anywhere from 100 grams up to 400 grams of rotating weight per wheel set.This System does not require any modifications to your existing wheel set. If you are not satisfied with it, all you do is remove the rim strip, and put your old heavy tube back in and go riding. 

The System requires very little mechanical ability to install. 

It does not use any glue and you can change a flat the same way you do now. 

Lower Air Pressure, Better Traction and Ride 

Stan's Tire and Rim Sealant will usually last from three weeks up to three months. At that time you simply add more. (Time will vary due to different tire characteristics). It doesn't leave much mess in your tire.Stan's Tire and Rim Sealant can also be used in tubeless tires for puncture resistance and STOPS leaks.Once you seal your tires they will not lose air pressure. 

What happens if I get a flat on the Trail? -- Do like most riders, and bum a tube from one of your pals because they always carry one. Stan's Tire & Rim Sealant does not use any glue, so you can change a flat the same way you do now.
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Stans No Tubes No Tubes 16oz Sealant

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Stans No Tubes No Tubes 16oz Sealant

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Review of the Stans No Tubes No Tubes 16oz Sealant:
Easy to pour into tire. Seals as expected. It would be nice if it came with some sort of measuring cup but I don't think you really need to be that precise.

Yes, I would recomend this to a friend.

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