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Product ID: 333222350262
GX1 Grip Team Green
Main view of The Ergon GX1 Grip Team Green
Item is discontinued and is no longer available
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Ergon GX1 Grip Team Green

Item Specifications
ColorTeam Green
Unit of SalePair
Weight128 g
Length130 mm
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Ergon GX1 Grip Team Green

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Ergon GX1 Grip Team Green

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reviewed by: jjb747
August 09, 2011
Review of the Ergon GX1 Grip Team Green:
I bought these grips for my commuter bike (Gary Fisher Mendota). They're way more comfortable than stock round grips. The clamp does seem to lock on tight (though I'm not using them for their intended off-road purpose). At first I thought I wanted another clamp on the inboard side like ODI's have, but not having that clamp gives me more usable grip and lets me get closer to my shifters, which are both below the bar.

I tried out the GP1 grips at a store before buying these. I usually wear medium gloves and have a fairly large palm for the length of my fingers. I thought the GP1 grips were more comfortable than the GX1, but not by much, and anyway, you're looking at these because you want green grips right?

The color, which seems to look different depending on what site is selling them, is actually between lime green and safety green, but closer to the lime green side.

Installing the grips is like a walk in the park. Installing the plugs is like pulling teeth, then trying to put them in a smaller person's mouth. Ergon says they make these plugs so they can be adapted to many different bar wall thicknesses. The plugs have very hard plastic square flanges that will not go in any bars without modification. You cut these flanges to fit. My bike has bars similar to a typical entry-level mountain bike and I had to cut these plugs a LOT. Itís painful because since the plastic is so hard you have to be very close to the right diameter or else they wonít push in. I guess it could help stop you from crushing a thin bar though. Take your time and things will work, or buy cool green plugs from Lizard Skins for $2.99 and install them in 2 seconds.

Summed up: Look good, feel good, good price, and gives you an opportunity to practice your utility knife skill...

Yes, I would recomend this to a friend.

Likes: Comfort, Grip, Feel

Dislikes: Initial Installation

Works For: Commuting

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